Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Winner: Stop and Smell the Roses

Thanks so much for joining me Monday as part of the Stop and Smell the Roses Bouquet Blog.

Sorry for the delay in announcing the winner. Yesterday went crazy on me.

Drum roll: And the winner of her choice of a pdf of one book from any of my titles at The Wild Rose Press is..... Christine Clemetson.

Christine, please contact me and let me know what title you want.

Thank you, everyone, for joining me Monday.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Stop and Smell the Roses

In LOVE THE DAY, my recent release from The Wild Rose Press, Lucy Moon had once been a handmaiden to the goddess Artemis. When she angered Artemis, she banned from Mt. Olympus and given immortality to wander the earth and live among humans forever. In addition to immortality, she ended up with another curse from Artemis. Through the centuries, Lucy learned to cope and enjoy her life among humans. She learned to savor each day for its unique moments, to enjoy each person for the differences that were special to each one. She learned to stop and smell the roses.

When I wrote this story, the boat Lucy and Benedict stop to see was still visible and was part of the inspiration for this story. My husband and I made a recent trip north on South Padre Island and the boat is no longer visible. It's been buried by the sand.

A bit of set up: The story takes place on Padre Island and in the town of South Padre Island. The hero, Benedict, owns a bar/restaurant where he has met Lucy Moon. They're driving north of the town on the Gulf of Mexico side of Padre Island to have a picnic supper.

Love the Day
is copyrighted by Elizabeth Hanawa writing as Betty Hanawa and is available from The Wild Rose Press. Following passage may differ slightly from the final product.

Benedict spotted the shrimp boat, wrecked and pushed onto the tide line during a winter storm, now almost covered by sand. The masts stood about the waves, nearly the only part still visible. He parked the truck and then joined Lucy at the wave edges.

She studied the battered shrimp boat as though it was the finest piece of sculpture she ever saw.

“It’s just a wrecked boat.”

“No,” Lucy said firmly. “Look at it. Watch the way the waves hit the masts. Watch how the spray flies off the rigging and scatters in the sunlight.”

Benedict watched the surf come in and hit the boat. The spray didn’t look special to him. It was just water bouncing off the wires angling down from the masts.

The waves foamed with a crashing slosh. Seagulls quarreled and called. Time stretched while they stood quietly watching the sea and sand slowly bury the boat deeper with each wave.

Lucy lifted her camera and began taking photos. “I saw the photos of this boat at your bar. Did you name your bar The Sinking ship after it?”

“No, I named the bar months before this happened. A friend took and framed the picture. He thought I needed some local color in with all the pictures of famous boats that have sunk.” He watched the wind plaster Lucy’s skirt against her rear.

While he spent the day touching Lucy as much as he was able to get away with in public, she only occasionally touched him. He definitely needed her help putting on sunscreen, all over his body.

“Why did you name the bar, The Sinking Ship?”

Like a lovesick hound dog sniffing after a female in heat, Benedict followed Lucy around the water’s edge while she took photos from different angles. He watched her handle the camera, adjusting focus and the zoom attachments like a pro. He wondered if he might ever feel her fingers dance along his skin as decisively as they twiddled the length of the camera lens.

No, first he wanted her for a friend, he ordered his body. His pulsing shaft called him a liar.

Resolutely, he reminded himself he had a brain, not just a shaft. He also promised her he wasn’t going to push her for sex today. If he wanted Lucy for a friend, he needed to ignore his hormones and reengage his tongue before he started drooling. What had she asked? Oh, yeah.

“Just thought it sounded good. At lot of people come into a bar thinking their lives are out of control and they’re standing on the deck of a sinking ship.” Like me, Benedict glumly thought. “In the bar, they relax, enjoy the other people and forget their troubles for awhile.”

“I go to visit with people.” Lucy stowed her camera back into her bag. They went to the truck.

“You always look like you’re having fun. People like to be around you.”

In the truck, Lucy refastened her seatbelt. “I like people. No one is the same and very few people are totally unlikable.”

“You really seem to enjoy life.”

“I try to enjoy each moment. Every moment is different. Every thing is different. It makes life more enjoyable when each moment is savored for its uniqueness.”

Love the Day is copyrighted by Elizabeth Hanawa writing as Betty Hanawa and is available from The Wild Rose Press.

I'll be giving a pdf of the winner's choice of my titles at The Wild Rose Press to one commentator on today's blog. I hope you enjoy The Wild Rose Press "Stop and Smell the Roses" Blog Day. Be sure to visit the other Roses who are blogging today. Check back here on Tuesday to see who won a copy of Love the Day.

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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Love the Day, June 17th!

Once upon a time, Lucy Moon was a handmaiden to the virgin goddess Artemis. Now she wanders the earth, determined to remain celibate rather than subjecting any more men to the death curse attached to her immortality.

“Love the Day” is being released on June 17 from The Wild Rose Press. This story is set at one of my favorite places on earth: South Padre Island, TX. I love sitting on the beach, burying my feet in the warm sand while watching my husband fish in the surf and my schnauzer try to catch seagulls and chase the pelicans’ shadows. Listening to the sound of the surf and breathing in the ions brings me a measure of contentment I experience no where else.

To celebrate the release of “Love the Day”, I’ll be giving away copies to two members of my Announcement Group
on June 30th.

Join me on my blog on June 29th, when I’ll be participating in “Stop and Smell the Roses Blog Bouquet” with other authors from The Wild Rose Press. There will be twenty authors involved on June 29th with another twenty earlier on June 22nd. Each participating author will be giving a prize to one commentator on each blog. For more information and my prize, see my website.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Beast Within RELEASE Today!!!

Dylan Gomez wakes from a blackout, horny as hell, naked and stuck in a cage. Adding to his frustration is the sight of sexy wildlife officer Haley holding a gun on him. Even though he thinks Haley is crazy to insist the cage held a rescued wildcat, Dylan’s grateful to wake from another blackout in her home.


Haley wants to enjoy Dylan’s hot body but must force the former Special Forces officer to accept the fact that he changes into a jaguarondi. Haley wants the passionate man, not the wildcat, and devises an erotic game to teach him to control the shifting.


Hating to be submissive, Dylan knows he must trust Haley to train him to command the beast within.

Check it out at Ellora's Cave