Sunday, June 07, 2009

Love the Day, June 17th!

Once upon a time, Lucy Moon was a handmaiden to the virgin goddess Artemis. Now she wanders the earth, determined to remain celibate rather than subjecting any more men to the death curse attached to her immortality.

“Love the Day” is being released on June 17 from The Wild Rose Press. This story is set at one of my favorite places on earth: South Padre Island, TX. I love sitting on the beach, burying my feet in the warm sand while watching my husband fish in the surf and my schnauzer try to catch seagulls and chase the pelicans’ shadows. Listening to the sound of the surf and breathing in the ions brings me a measure of contentment I experience no where else.

To celebrate the release of “Love the Day”, I’ll be giving away copies to two members of my Announcement Group
on June 30th.

Join me on my blog on June 29th, when I’ll be participating in “Stop and Smell the Roses Blog Bouquet” with other authors from The Wild Rose Press. There will be twenty authors involved on June 29th with another twenty earlier on June 22nd. Each participating author will be giving a prize to one commentator on each blog. For more information and my prize, see my website.


Carrie Lynn said...

YAY! Fresh reads! Although, rereading them is fun too!

Betty Hanawa said...

Thanks, Carrie!

Right now I'm trying to write on two complete new stories at the same time. Fingers crossed they both sell.