Sunday, August 20, 2006

learning to blog and html

Yay for Me! I'm such a techno-illiterate. But this evening I managed to do cut and paste and add pictures to this blog and also add my cover to Sisters of the Night which is Triskelion Paranormal authors blog. I also got my Plog activated.

Yes, yes - to the average 12 year-old this is sooooo not news. Like, Hello? You can't html??? No, kiddos, Auntie Betty learned to type on a Manual typewriter into which we inserted paper and when the little bell dinged, we had to push the carriage back to the left again. We learned to type accurately because erasing a mistake was dang near impossible. Heck, Bette Nesmith hadn't even invented Liquid Paper yet. When I was in college, to even go near the computer room, one had put on special coats and even booties like surgeons wear in operating rooms. That was in the days when "de-bugging the computer" literally meant getting an insect out of the computer's innards. I even used punch cards and learned Fortran in college. My tamed techno-geek said, "Gee, that's like saying 'I know the Alphabet Song."

It's much more fun living in this century. Why anyone wants to travel to the past is beyond my comprehension.

Today I learned to do a tiny bit of html coding. What did you learn today?

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